Hitchcock: Mobile Storyboarding for iPhone

Sep 3, 2009

[vimeo]http://vimeo.com/6030115[/vimeo] I posted Hitchcock to eHub last night and it’s been on my mind today. Hitchcock is the world’s first mobile story boarding application. With Hitchcock you can have your first story board up and running in a matter of minutes. Hitchcock streamlines the process of storyboarding by allowing you to compose storyboards using photos […]

Capturing the Flow of Design

Feb 4, 2007

The best way to present or analyze a design would be to record the desktop of an entire design cycle so that people (users, clients, developers, customers, etc.) can see the entire process that led up to the final prototype. Today’s designer works in a varied environment between screengrabs, layout, code, browser, chat: a hybrid […]

Designing Thinking

Aug 12, 2005

As a design-focused firm, I’m encouraged by the recent emphasis on business adopting more strategic design thinking and process techniques.  I’m familiar with the same sources and I like how the author, LukeW, frames the differences in a “business” versus “design” approach in his post A Difference of Design.  (Also see my post at BeingEDU […]

Don’t just make it pretty, make it strategic

Jun 10, 2005

Since I started designing websites for universities and colleges in 1996, I’ve had numerous conversations about design, both with those on the inside (administrators, marketing communications directors, admissions counselors, information technology teams, webmasters and developers, designers, vice presidents, CIOs, alumni, faculty) as well as those on the outside (students, parents, the community, business leaders, consultants, […]

Invention isn’t magic: it’s mess and mistakes

Jan 22, 2003

Celebrated inventor Dean Kamen (best known recently for his creation of the Segway Human Transporter, a personal transportation gyroscopic scooter) says there’s no magic in invention, just mess: “It’s not some fundamental magic. The invention process is incredibly messy. It’s incredibly frustrating. You go around, bump into the wall, try another place, bump into another […]