Explorations in digital culture, design and creativity / 1999-2021
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  • Snowy artcodes

    My plate surrounded by snow!

  • For the People, By the People…

    Came across the Public Internet Project website.  Non-profit organisation that seeks to promote 802.11b WiFi access to diverse communities.  They conducted extensive research in Manhattan, beginning with the task of driving “every…

  • e3

    Restless before the new year.

  • Green Eye

  • New Year 03

  • Putrajaya

    Really interesting to see how Malaysia is evolving from when I lived there in the nineties. Malaysia is building a 21st century city from scratch with natural environmental and digital vision. Malaysia…

  • Ethereal City

    ethereal city (e the real city) is an abstract digital short that explores the rhythm, memory and mercurial nature of traveling through electronic space. It seeks to evoke the emotional acceleration and…

  • Reflected

  • Flux Series: Corrode

    Simulated time lapse of a gel environment.  The actual metal parts suspended within the gel took over six months to form calcite and eventually sink to the bottom of the container. A…

  • Vermont 1996

    A few photos of my work and days during this summer’s art fellowship at the Vermont Studio Center. Amazing time.