Why to Not Not Start a Startup

Mar 29, 2007

We’ve now been doing Y Combinator long enough to have some data about success rates. Our first batch, in the summer of 2005, had eight startups in it. Of those eight, it now looks as if at least four succeeded. Why to Not Not Start a Startup

Women 2.0 Entrepreneurship

Feb 12, 2007

I was glad to see two interesting initiatives this week related to women and girls in technology. The first was Entrepreneurial Night by Girls’ Middle School in Mountain View and held at Google. Ten groups of seventh grade girls made their pitches to a room full of venture capitalists. In his post at BusinessWeek, Rob […]

eHub Interviews channel at CNET Japan

eHub Interviews channel at CNET Japan

Jun 16, 2006

Last month I had the pleasure of hearing from Kaori Omoto, an editor at CNET Networks Japan. Today, eHub Interviews went live as a channel at the Japanese version of News.com. CNET Japan will be translating eHub Interviews as they are released at featuring them at http://japan.cnet.com/column/ehub/ The first interview to go live is eHub […]

Interviews with German Web 2.0 Services

May 31, 2006

Over on his blog, web.XpunktNull.de, Klaas Bollhoefer has an interview series that will interest eHub readers and Web 2.0 users, especially those that speak German. “Inspired by your interviews, which I love and read regularly, I started a german interview series on my blog with the people behind german Web 2.0 services” writes Klaas. Since […]

Twenty Years Later: No Longer Just a Hobby

Feb 3, 2006

Today turns out to be the twenty year anniversary of when George Lucas sold Pixar to Steve Jobs. In the post, “February 3, 1986: Divorce, Mogul Style,” Chris Seibold tells how Lucas decided to “see a smallish piece of his Lucas Film empire” to raise cash to settle his divorce. Given Lucas’ predicament, Steve Jobs […]

JP Morgan and Connector Group Showcase

JP Morgan and Connector Group Showcase

Jan 31, 2006

The JP Morgan and Connector Group Showcase, “a unique forum for companies to introduce their leading-edge products and services to the Silicon Valley’s elite group of tastemakers and influencers ,” took place on Monday, January 30 at the JP Morgan offices here in SF. The event offered a behind-the-scenes look into some of the innovative […]

New Startups and Web 2.0 Products Debut at E27 Technology Symposium

New Startups and Web 2.0 Products Debut at E27 Technology Symposium

Jan 28, 2006

Earlier today, I went to the E27 Technology Symposium at Stanford University. E27 is “a forum for young entrepreneurs to showcase their upcoming or new products to influential representatives from newspapers, popular blogs, progressive companies, universities, and venture capitalist firms.”

New eHub Interviews in Japanese

Nov 5, 2005

I’m pleased to announce a new set of eHub Interviews (Netvibes, Codase, goowy, ColorBlender, Last.fm) has been translated into Japanese by the exceptional Ryutaro Kamitsu. Please visit the links below for the Japanese versions, and as always, stay tuned for more! eHub Interviews Netvibes http://d.hatena.ne.jp/brazil/20051018/1129614139 eHub Interviews Codase http://d.hatena.ne.jp/brazil/20051019/1129652023 eHub Interviews goowy http://d.hatena.ne.jp/brazil/20051031/1130736366 eHub Interviews […]

eHub Interviews Launches

Oct 5, 2005

eHub Interviews launches featuring four interviews with creators of web 2.0 applications, including Writely, Protopage, CommunityWalk, CentralDesktop. New interviews will be launching daily at eHub Interviews. Stay tuned for interviews with Netvibes, last.fm, Kiko, Findory, Blinklist, Meta, Openomy, Prodigem, Fundable, Mappr, SiteVista, NetworthIQ, SWiK, eyeOS, Listal, LibraryThing, CommonTimes, Slawesome, CampaignMonitor, Filenice, voo2doo, Feedmarker, Delineate, MapStats, […]

Ideacodes is Born

Feb 8, 2005

Sometimes the least likely event turns out to be a blessing in disguise.  That’s how I’ve been feeling lately.  I’m no longer working for the marketing consulting company for higher education where I’ve been for over two years.  While everything was a surprise to me when it happened, in retrospect, I had already felt the […]