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  • Women 2.0 Entrepreneurship

    I was glad to see two interesting initiatives this week related to women and girls in technology. The first was Entrepreneurial Night by Girls’ Middle School in Mountain View and held at…

  • Social Visualization, Looking Inside Out

    Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been thinking about different aspects of data visualization (see an earlier post). Patterns in the Ecosystem Since my first job on the web as a…

  • Provide Feedback on Snap Preview Anywhere

    I added Snap Preview Anywhere (SPA) to eHub back in December (eHub entry here). The free service provides a quick visual preview of a site whenever you roll over an external link.…

  • The Impact of One Visualization

    In an excellent article at the Adobe Design Center site, David Womack describes the significance of one visualization in “Seeing is believing: Information visualization and the debate over global warming.” Womack describes…

  • Capturing the Flow of Design

    The best way to present or analyze a design would be to record the desktop of an entire design cycle so that people (users, clients, developers, customers, etc.) can see the entire…

  • Saturday Maintenance

    Seems like I’m not the only one working on new site developments on a Saturday evening. As I’m re-architecting and working on what I want to add in 2007, it seems Twitter…

  • Fluid UI: Multi-touch screen

    [youtube]PqXPD7EHDto[/youtube] As we amass more and more data, it seems only natural that we’ll need new methods to navigate this space. Jeff Han’s multi-touch screen is impressive. I don’t know if it’s…

  • Spam

    From “glob” with the subject line: “congested deception.“ If one of the largest retailers in the world is facing its demise from a failure to differentiate what chance do you think your…

  • Old Wisdom

    Came across these two Chinese proverbs tonight while looking through old notes. – If you are in a hurry you will never get there. – Set yourself as the standard.

  • I Like Being in Other People’s Stats

    This morning I checked my feeds and stats and various web searches and saw a referrer from WipBox, an application I had added to eHub. The long tail at work… From the…

  • Fast vs. Slow

    In our accelerated culture, I can think of a particular Devo song and have it downloaded from a music site within seconds. This instant gratification is in contrast to other desires: eg.…

  • Fiery Skies

  • Soup

  • Twitterific

  • Planning the next feature

  • Textures

  • Visiting GigaOM

    Deep in thought.

  • Chard and Pinenuts

  • Internal Elegance

    In mathematics, the highest measure of a mathematical forumal is to have internal elegance. I think the same is true for web apps and design.

  • Blog-Tag

    I’m finally getting around to playing blog tag after being offline and on vacation, then busy with clients again. Thanks to both Deb Schultz and Lisa Stone who tagged me a few…

  • selected for Design-Feed

    Thanks to Felix Turner and Design-Feed for including’s RSS feed in its newly launched website.  “Design-Feed is a design feed aggregator. We hand-pick the most interesting design related RSS feeds and…

  • Roboto

  • From Hayes Valley

  • Construction

    They’re starting to build a highrise to the right of our building.

  • Superflat Platform Art

    This refreshing superflat mural is showing in the London Underground.  Each of the arches has a different part of the scene.  The artist is “chiho aoshima, born 1974, tokyo, japan. she uses…

  • Taco Truck

  • Street

  • Fancy

    Anne Fontaine shirt from Max.

  • Lunch

  • Prada wallet